Friday, February 6, 2009

In a few weeks it will be my hair's birthday. One-year-old micro-locks are still looking good and still getting complements everywhere I go. I am amazed how quickly that they have grown and how little trouble that my hair is. Wherever I go I can tell a new look on people's faces that means they're looking at my hair. After a while they ask about it, after a while yet they often ask to touch. I have had many questions about how I got tiny locks in my hair and how they can get tiny locks and their hair.

I need to go back and talk to the woman who put my locks in. When I last talked to her she was so busy doing hair that she was not excited to have more micro lock clients area. I think the process is slow, and she can stay busy and inside her comfort zone with her many clients. I have told a number of people to go there if they want their hair done. But I don't know if she's accepted any of those people. If she is not accepting any client I may go to another salon near my home and see if I can teach woman who works there to retightened my hair and work something out and return for recommending people to her. If you read other pages of this blog you find out that I have been on an adventure of training people and training myself to do a process I am calling micro locks. Now that I can maintain it myself I would still like to have someone else do it occasionally. I think that having eyes that can see what's going on is a big help.

I put rollers in my hair a few days a week just because I like a little curl but beyond that I do little to maintain my hair. Over the past year, I have had three or four professional re-tightenings. There are wonderful treat. I can sit and let someone else do my hair while I relax. That person can see what she's doing, and I probably get my very best results. On the other hand, I have re-tightened my hair myself three times now. Doing it myself is easier on my busy schedule, because I can do it myself in the evening. A few minutes at a time rather than have to sit somewhere and wait for someone else to do my hair. It is also easier on the pocket as I bought a nappy lockstool and I can use that in conjunction with a latch hook to do my hair.

I bought both lock loops and soft spikes to roll my hair. I think that the lock loops are just about the right size and have a very comfortable feel. On the other hand, the soft spikes I think cost less. Now I have a lot of both and in different sizes. I think it will be a long time before I buy any more of those.

In addition, I have dryer that looks like aliens have landed and are reprogramming my brain. It does not have a hard plastic dome but rather something like a strange baggie that goes over my head and my lock loops to dry my hair. I only use it for emergencies and sometimes I use it when I've washed my hair and rolled it up but don't think it will be dry by morning. It is more effective for me to start the drying process off with the hairdryer that it is for me to try to get them dry at the end of the hairdryer. If my hair is rolled up my drying time is very long maybe as long as 14 hours. For me at least that is not overnight. I never get that much sleep I am lucky if I get six hours. So I have to do something to get my hair from wet to dry.

I don't know if you can tell by the picture I posted today, but it my hair has gotten much longer than a year ago. It is that a medium length that tells me that by the time it is two years old. I will be able to pull it back into a ponytail for busy days. This has been my goal for quite some time. I just feel that I need a hairdo that can work on days I can't manage my hair at all.

On the other hand, I really like the length my locks are now. I think it is very flattering. I even liked the results of a big mistake that I made. My mistake was, and my advice to you is, don't use a curling iron on your locks. I had the idea that I would just like the front to have a little curl. So, I grabbed a curling iron that was nearby. The curling iron simply melted off the ends of my locks. In the picture it is the portion of my hair that you see as a fringe or bangs in the front. I am lucky that I don't mind the way that it looks with bangs but I have to say that I took about 4 inches off the very front of my hair that day.
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It has been almost a year. What long strange trip it as been. In each part of my new life my hair gets in the act and gets its own fans. As I move toward my locs birthday I will have to get some better pictures taken.

This year I have gone from mostly a student to mostly a social worker. I work at a hospital part time and still have full time classes. I also have 3 kids. Each time I think about it it
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