Sunday, July 15, 2012

a long road

It  has been a long road to single and sparkling but I'm getting there. It has also been a long way to locks this long. I get stopped in the street and my hair is always an asset. That was never true before when I had little control over the hair thing for most of my life. I thought about cutting them, they are hot but my daugher asked me to see what they would look like shoulder length. So here I am nearly 50 with a massive head full of hair.

For the curious I still only wash and occasionally put it up on soft spikes misted. I still don't: condintion, oil, moisturize, use anything but cheap shampoo.  I don't massage my scalp, rinse with stuff or well, do very much at alll and it is lovely every day.
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Kimani's Knapps said...

Looks awesome you and your hair!