Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have started a little styling and I like my locks better and better. I am struggling to keep my hands out of my hair and can't help looking a little extra in the mirror. Equally important I am celebrating my decision to have natural hair in any form. I was wearing my hair in two fat cornrows down the side before I got locked. It wasn't my favorite style but I loved the thickness and texture of my hair too much to go back to scalp burning relaxers.

I was in Natural Choice salon in Oakland I saw the prettiest little girl around 3 years old getting her hair done. She was getting a style of cute little Afro puffs. She was so charming and happy. I loved her smile. It was so open and healthy and self-loving. At the same age I was crying with the sizzle of a hot comb in my hair and a wack with the brush if I moved. I was worlds away. I celebrate Natural Choice and natural hair care and I want to say thank you for me and that pretty little girl. As much as I love my fancy locks I even more celebrate natural hair care and the movement away from hair care torture.


Steph said...

No matter what you decide to call you hair choice, it is natural,locked and looks great! Go girl!

Kimani's Knapps said...

Your hair is beautiful. Can you give me your loctician's number or you can give her mine 410.908.5441. What is her price and how long does it take. Microlocks sounds good :) Lisa