Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lock day part three - how did I get here

I was just thinking about how I got here with my hair being worked on by two women all day. It is a strange place to be. I never thought I would get locks but I never thought I would have this huge head of natural hair either.

I kept my hair braided for more than five years. Finally my hair got so long that it was taking longer to get the braids with extensions out than it was taking to put them in. i was considering cutting my hair for braids and extensions so it seemed like a good time for a hair experiment.

I saw a woman with Sisterlocks(R) many years ago in Harrisburg PA. I started exploring how I could get that pretty microlock look here in Pittsburgh. I didn't really care about the brand but the brand made is easier for me to feel confident about the outcomes. I tried to find a certified consultant or trainee in Pittsburgh but the nearest that I could find were in Ohio, or Harrisburg Pa. Both of them are a four or so hour drive I just couldn't bring myself to that much of a carbon footprint. I wanted little locks but not that bad.

I tried every shop in town, most said palm roll only, I then called the Sisterlock (R) company and they confirmed that there were no consultants or trainees in Pittsburgh. I then ordered the Nappylocks (R) kit for about $100. The main thing that I learned is that my daughter and I were not women enough to put in all of those locks. Finally I went back to the first salon I tried and I found a lovely and soft-spoken sister with a line waiting for her to tighten locks. I told her what I wanted and she said "no problem". Is it ok if my friend helps too?

I just stepped out in faith and booked a day. I have wavered in the time between booking the day and now but I am happy that I have persisted.


Tosha said...

I am having a similar issue. Can you provide the name and the salon (with address) of that hairdresser.

Tracy said...

Natural choice is on Myron ave in oakland you can e-mail for more info

Anonymous said...

I am desperately looking for info on getting this done to my hair. However I can not find anyone in Pittsburgh that will do this. Can you point me in the right direction please. e-mail
thanks in advance.